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The goals of the Committee include to:
1.   Provide advice on the means of creating an enabling environment for resource mobilization by commercial state corporations to minimize  their dependence on exchequer funding;
2.   Ensure that State Corporations adopt best management practices;
3.   Ensure improved performance of State Corporations based on initiation and implementation of performance based contracts;
4.   Reinforce transparency and accountability in the management of State Corporations;
5.   Ensure the development of appropriate terms and conditions of service for staff and officials of State Corporations; and
6.   Act as a catalyst in the process of reform and reorganization of the State Corporations sector.


SCAC is driven by a passion for service excellence through teamwork. In service delivery the Committee pays attention to:
•    Transparency;
•    Efficiency;
•    Integrity;
•    Accountability; and
•    Good corporate citizenship.

It is however write to note that the Committee was dormant between 1991 and 2003 and was re-launched on 28th January 2004 with an added and enhanced mandate to advise the government on how the government can encourage and spearhead the introduction of best corporate governance and management practices in the State Corporations Sector; create an enabling environment.

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