Thursday, June 1, 2023

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This is drawn from section 27 of the State Corporations Act, Chapter 446,  stating that:

27. (1) The Committee shall advise on the matters and perform any functions it is required by this Act to perform and in addition shall-
(a) with the assistance of experts where necessary, review and investigate the affairs of state corporations and make such recommendations to the President as it may deem necessary;
(b) in consultation with the Attorney-General and the Treasury, advise the President on the establishment, reorganization or dissolution of state corporations;
(c) where necessary, advise on the appointment, removal or transfer of officers and staff of state corporations, the secondment of public officers to state corporations and the terms and conditions of any appointment, removal, transfer or secondment;
(d) examine any management or consultancy agreement made or proposed to be made by a state corporation with any other party or person and advise thereon;
(e) examine proposals by state corporations to acquire interests in any business or to enter into joint ventures with other bodies or persons or to undertake new business or otherwise expand the scope of the activities and advise thereon.





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