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Induction of Boards of State Corporations

In order to provide directions for the effective governance and oversight of State Corporations, H. E the President, Uhuru Kenyatta issued Executive Order No. 7 on the 25th March 2015 in accordance with the provisions of section 7 of the State Corporations Act, (Cap. 446). To this end State Corporations Advisory Committee (SCAC) is conducting induction at Mombasa Continental Resort, Mombasa for State Corporation Boards on MWONGOZO; the Code of Conduct for State Corporation and is scheduled to run from 28th September to 5th December, 2015.

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His Excellency Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, C.G.H.,President and Commander - in - Chief of the Defence Forces of the Republic of Kenya was presented Mwongozo, the code of Governance for State Corporations from Group Managing Director, Commercial Bank of Africa and Co-Chair of the Presidential Taskforce on Parastatal Reforms, Mr. Isaac Awuondo at State House, Nairobi on the 25th day of March 2015. Subsequently, H.E. the President has issued Executive Order No. 7 for implementation of MWONGOZO.

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Implementation Committee

The recommendations are contained in the Report of The Presidential Taskforce on Parastatal Reforms and The Government Policy on Management of Government Owned Entities. These  were presented, approved and adopted by His Excellency The President on 12th October 2013. Subsequent to which, His Excellency the President constituted an Implementation Committee (IC) on 29th November 2013 chaired by the Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service. 

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Presidential Task Force on Parastatal Reforms

His Excellency The President appointed the Taskforce on Parastatal Reforms on 23rd July 2013. The Taskforce was tasked with the responsibility of interrogating the policies on the management and governance of Kenya’s parastatals with the aim of determining how best they would contribute to the pursuit of national development aspirations, facilitating the transformation of our country into a great land of prosperity and opportunity for all.

The Taskforce presented its Report to HE the President on 12th November 2013. Click on link below to download & read the entire report attached herewith for more information.

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